Warrior With Weapons
The Author Mounted On Side of A
F8U-1, MCAS El Toro. CA About
The Author Preflighting An A4D-1
MCAS Cherry Point, NC about 1965,
Marine Reserve Photo.
VMF-241 Group Photo Taken At
MCAS Cherry Point, NC About
1965, Marine Reserve Photo
VMF-241 Group Photo Taken At NAS
Los Alamitos, CA About 1964, Marine
Reserve Photo.
Inflight Refueling, two A4D-1s
Taking On Fuel From Tanker,
Marine Reserve Photo.
The Author In front Of A F8U-1, MCAS
El Toro, CA. About 1960, USMC Photo.
The author Standing in Cockpit of a
F8U-1, the Canopy Departed at about
400 Knots at 40,000 FT.  The Baseball
Cap was Saved. Taken MCAS Yuma,
Arizona about 1960.  USMC Photo.
Looking Through the Gunsight, Folks that
is Why We Wore The Wings and Bars.  
F9F-8B, NAS Los Alamitos, CA about
1962. Marine Reserve Photo.
Author Seated in Cockpit of a F9F-8B NAS
Los Alamitos, CA about 1962. Marine
Reserve Photo
VMF-323 F4U Corsair.  Appears to
be of WWII Vintage. Those Used
During the Korean War Displayed
Yellow and Black Checkerboard
Markings. USMC Photo.
F9F-8B Cougar Equipped Navy and
Marine Reserve Squadrons Attached to
NAS Los Alamitos, CA In The Early To
Mid Sixties.  Marine Reserve Photo.
VMF-323 F8E Crusader,
Apparently in an Aviation Museum
Somewhere, Photographer
Flight Of Navy F4Us.  USN Photo
Same As Above, Marine Reserve Photo
Grumman F9F-5 Panther
The writer received advanced flight training in this aircraft while stationed at NAS
Kingsville, Texas. USN photo.
North American SNJ Or In USAF Parlance, T-6
The writer received basic flight training in this aircraft while stationed at NAS
Correy Field, Pensacola, Florida.
Beechcraft T-34 Primary Trainer
Beechcraft SNB-5 Utility Aircraft
The writer received primary flight training
in this aircraft while stationed at NAAS
Saufley Field, Pensacola, Florida, about
1957.  Crew consisted of two souls, 225
HP Continental engine, max speed of 280
kts, range of 600 nautical miles.  Service
ceiling is 25,000 ft, rate of climb is 1,480
ft per minute.  Max takeoff weight is 4,400
lbs, empty weight is 2960 lbs.
The writer received basic instruments in this aircraft
while stationed at NAAS Barin Field about 1958.  In
addition this aircraft would be normally attached to
various stations and units and used  for utility
purposes.  The aircraft normally carried five
passengers and two crew.  Engines were Pratt &
Whitney R985 nine cylinder radials providing 450 HP
at sealevel.  Range was 640 NM, max speed 220 kts,
fuel capacity 205 gals, max gross weight for take
off was 9200 lbs. We normally cruised the aircraft
at about 125 kts indicated.