To the rear of the hills in the foreground lies the Vizcaino Desert where the Lagoon Ojo de Liebre
otherwise know as Scammons Lagoon is located. This is an arid and sparsely populated area
consisting of wind sun and salt flats.  In about 1855, 25 year old Captain Charles Melville Scammon
arrived on the scene from San Francisco on a whale and seal hunting expedition and stumbled on the
Lagoon in question and the whales contained therein. Capt. Scammon was able to obtain his
command at such an early age on the basis that all of the most experienced whaling Captains had
departed for the gold fields. Anyway, Capt. Scammon got his command of two ships across the bar and
into the lagoon and loaded the ships to such an extent with whale oil that they could not get out
requiring a wait for the winter storms to raise the water level in order to clear the bar. This find brought
others to such an extent the gray whale became almost extinct and Capt. Scammon had the honor of a
whale louse named for him, the c.scammoni.
Turtle Bay is a refueling stop for most vessels and fuel normally would be taken from the high pier by
backing and mooring stern first and downloading with the fuel hose from above.  However, as a matter
of convenience, a local and part of the family that has the fuel concession, will bring out the needed fuel
by panga in his 50 gal. drum or your jerry jugs for cost plus tip. Cost is usually about twice what the
Pemex station retails the fuel for in the small nearby village but this requires the sailor haul his own
and really the savings are not worth the effort.  Pay Ernesto his due! Further, there is no water available
at the fuel dock, and again, it has to be hauled from town and according to rumor, cost will be about
$1.00 per gallon, bring enough!
Turtle Bay is a well protected anchorage providing an excellent rest stop for vessels northbound as well
as southbound, usually in the season, there would be from five to 10 vessels or more in the anchorage
at any one time.
                     TURTLE BAY
   Ernesto, Diesel Salesman
Windward to Home
      Morning Time, Turtle Bay