Todos Santos Island Anchorage
As of this time, there are two usable anchorages in the Todos Santos group, one is as depicted above which
is the northern most of three small coves located on the eastern side of this island, the two to the south are
unusable due to fish traps/pens and fish farming.  The other usable but questionable anchorage is situated in
the northern most island and can be at times uncomfortable. For further information review your CHARLIE'S

The best use of these anchorages is for northbound/southbound traffic when the weary crew does not want
to  grind\sail  another eight miles to Ensenada for a slip or to anchor in the harbor. A word of caution, the
anchorage is limited to one free swinging vessel otherwise if there are two vessels one or both will have to
deploy a stern anchor or secure a stern line ashore, its a tight little anchorage. Once the northbound Author
arrived at about 3:30 A.M. after battling a storm all night to find a monstrous Hans Christian swinging about
in the anchorage so the anchor was dropped on the outside in about 80 ft. This enabled about four hours of
sleep before getting under way on a flat calm sea to the Coronados.