Charlie's Charts provides an excellent description of SMB, otherwise the author can add that it can really get
windy in the anchorage at times, he spent involuntarily three days and nights, twice, with 35 knots of wind
blowing day and night to the extent a windbreak consisting of the dinghy and other gear constructed in order to
pour fuel from the jerry cans into the main tank. On one night he counted the lights of 40 shrimp boats anchored
in the bay seeking shelter. View in this case is to the entrance/exit, no other photo available
Normally, departure would to Abreojos, 137 miles and about heading of 330. However, anyone who is able to
sail/motor sail directly to Abreojos has used his/her allotted share of good luck for a week, wind and weather
are right in the teeth. That leaves the next most logical choice as being San Juanico which is about 95 miles
and a bearing of almost north with the possibility of sailing if the proper amount of windage can be obtained
after Santa Maria Bay, otherwise its a motor sail. On one passage, the author sailed most of the way up on a
light northwest wind keeping a mile or so and about the 30 ft. line off the beach arriving about 10:00 P.M. The
village now has lights so can be seen approaching from the south.