The anchorage here is not the best in the world, Charlie advises that the hook should be dropped as
the rocks at the foot of the point line up with the rock about two miles offshore, Rocas Soledad.
Charlie lists the depth as 30' however, the author found the depth to be 40' underneath the keel and
if not in, close by heavy kelp which would be a problem if setting the anchor at night. On one
occasion the author arrived long after dark after tacking up from Colnett most of the day to find about
40kts of wind howling down the hills in the foreground, the wind was blowing at a tremendous blast
across the deck with a high shrill sound in the rigging which was quite unnerving.  Aware that the
local fishermen kept their pangas up near the shore in a small area clear of kelp, the author moved
up to this area and by guess dropped the anchor which held and an anchor watch was set. After an
hour or so the wind piped down to dead calm.
Normally, when the anchor is set in the suggested place, the wind will blow from offshore and a
swell will roll into the anchorage from around the point beam to a vessel at anchor resulting in a
rolling, uncomfortable night.