Punta Baja anchorage as seen from the outside. This anchorage is rather straight forward to get into and to
exit, just clear the  punta and kelp and motor/sail in to anchor in about 30'. Conditions have usually been
excellent except in southwesterly weather and then there is an uncomfortable swell rolling through the
anchorage.  For northbound and southbound traffic, take care to do as CHARLIE states, set a course
directly to Isla San Geronimo and not cut the passage short by going direct to Punta San Antonio/Punta
Baja since there are heavy kelp beds a mile wide containing breaking seas situated between. Further,
consideration should be taken to avoid the nearby Sacramento Reef.
View of the anchorage looking northwest to the village.  The northbound writer made the mistake of stopping
here  in January of 07 rather than continue to buck the 18 to 23 knots of wind and swell to San Quintin. The
anchorage looked inviting, it appeared to be calm especially in view of the above all the way from San Carlos so
the anchor was dropped and set.  Unfortunately, the wind increased to 30 kts or so on the outside that evening and
the boat rolled from toe rail to toe rail due to a refractive swell that rolled into the anchorage from around the
point. The writer endured this condition for three days and nights, there was excellent protection for northwest
winds across the land but the swell was very uncomfortable for this length of time.
Looking west to the northerly point of Isla San Geronimo, a vessel on passage from San Carlos on the inside
passage to Punta Baja should have approximately this view.  Also, a vessel leaving Punta Baja for San Carlos, inside
passage, should proceed to the above point, and no cheating! A Sailor attempting a direct passage he will more than
likely run afoul of thick kelp beds.  The writer did as such and was ensnared in thick beds of about one half mile
wide, full power was applied to get out.

To port of the present view at about three miles  lies the dreaded Sacramento Reef,  so a thoughtful sailor can see  
there is no room to cheat.