Marine Services And Marinas
Colonial Yacht Anchorage
Berth 204 Anchorage Road
Wilmington, Ca. 90744
Phone    (310) 830 1161
Fax       (310) 830 5343

SERVICES: Lift capability, sail and power up to 47 feet in length, 20 ton max.  Expert carpenters,    
chandler, full assortment of hard to find fasteners in bronze and stainless. Painting: enamel and           
linear polyurethane.  First class gelcoat repairs.  Canvass and upholstery.  Dry storage for Fiber
glass boats, $6.00 per foot per month.  Wood boat storage now available with restrictions.  
Moorage: slips up to 45 feet, $9.00 per foot per month.  Call for details  Clients may do their
own        work, but no outside contractors.  Restrictions apply, call for details.
Authors comment:  In the San Pedro-Long Beach area this boatyard is highly recommended, the work
is excellent at reasonable rates, done efficiently and on time,  and customer relations are very good.  
The author has had his boat in this boatyard once per year on an average for the past 16 years.
Baja Naval
60 Miles South of San Diego
Ensenada, Mexico
Phone    011-52-646-174-0020
Fax       011-52-646-174-0028
Services: 120,000 square -foot facility and 70-ton travel lift allows an average of 32 boats to be
worked on simultaneously, in house workshops include carpentry with 6 full time carpenters,
painting with fourteen full time painters, L.P. systems, enamel, gelcoat and blister repair, mechanical,
navel architecture, hull extensions, stainless steel, mig & tig, and aluminum welding among others .  
Fiberglass, wood, steel aluminum and ferro cement pleasure craft are accommodated.  Baja Naval
owns and operates a 50 slip marina with docks up to 100 feet.  Clients may do their own work above
the water line.
Author's Comment:  The author has never had his boat hauled by Baja Naval, however many have
and the author is not aware of any negative comments.  The paint used for bottom painting is of a
better grade than the paint used in California,  those that are guests of the nearby Coral Marina at
times will have the bottom painted prior to return to the USA. On 1/28/03 the author was given a
quote of $600 to $750 for haulout, power wash the bottom, light power sanding to the surface and
apply with rollers one full coat of bottom paint and a second coat to the water line and leading edges
and launch, costs would depend  on the type and brand of the existing paint. We were advised that a
simple haulout with one coat of bottom paint and launch would cost around $400.00.
T/A Sails
222 W. "D" Street
Wilmington, California
(310) 518-2841

When the author had a smaller boat with the slip in San Pedro, the sail work was taken to this
company however, the then owner has since retired and the children are now operating the business.  
I thought the work was excellent and very reasonable priced however, have not had an occasion to
take work to T/A under present management.
Rowcliffe's Insurance
P.O. Box 19971
San Diego, Ca.  92159-0971
Ph: 619-698-1849
Fx: 619-698-1383

With few exceptions, marinas are requiring at least liability insurance and for those unburdened with a
boat mortgage and somewhat secure, the above is one of the few carriers that will write liability only
insurance. Included is a certificate naming the marina as an additional insured. A word about coverage
is that it is provided in Mexico with some restrictions as outlined in the policy however, the policy
does not comply with Mexican law which means that if the marina manager in Mexico can read and
understand the policy, it probably would not be accepted, therefore, requiring the purchaser to run
downtown for local insurance. In actuality, check in info is taken by the front office and the office
personnel cheerfully photostat and place in the file the policy without attempting to read it.             
The author has an endorsement on the homeowner policy, a personal liability rider which provides
public liability for a boat up to 35' and when checking into the present U.S. marina, the manager
tossed the policy back to the author without an attempt to read it stating "this is just a regular policy."
So in order to keep the peace with the marina, the author now has two policies.
456 N. Old Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach, California
Phone: 949-548-8383

When the author first became aware of the charging problem with the alternator, lewco was
recommended  however, since the boat was moored in Long Beach, much to the author's regret, the
business was taken to Wayne Electric in Long Beach, resulting in the above.  Folks, learn from the
author's mistakes.
AB Marine
P.O. Box 6104
Middletown, RI 62842
Phone: 1-800-801-8922

The author has an autoprop installed now for the past eight months or so.  There is a most definite
improvement in performance, fuel consumption and engine temperature. However, this is an
expensive installation as well as being expensive to maintain. Therefore, the jury is still out as to
whether the expense is worth it. To begin with, the prop zincs cost about $20.00 each, recently
raised from about $14.00, free shipping is included if purchased in lots of five. It seems that every
time the boat is taken from the slip, the prop zinc falls off requiring replacement.  Further, the zincs
do not fit the prop, the barrel has to be drilled out to prevent the end of the shaft from contacting the
zinc and causing a gap between the prop body and zinc thus rendering the zinc ineffective.  "Dom" at
AB Marine has suggested that in order to correct this situation, "that the diver grind off the end of the
prop shaft."  Well, to begin with, this routine will prejudice somewhat the ability to install the stock
prop and further, I doubt that there are many divers that will take an electrical grinder under water.
This situation could be corrected if AB Marine could have the barrel of the zinc deepened about an
eight of an inch.
HF Radio on Board
1813 Clement Ave. Bldg 24
Alameda, CA. 94501
Fax 510-769-1573

The unit was purchased essentially ready to install from HF Radio and installation was just about as
simple as setting up a computer with monitor, printer and scanner.  Antenna cables were cut and fitted
with the proper attachments however, a 90 degree PL-259 connector for the antenna cable was
needed in this instance due to the limited space behind the radio.  Total cost was $2,351.42 which
included the AT130 auto antenna tuner, precut cables, e-mail filter, tax and shipping and complete
installation instructions.  Also included was Don Melcher's booklet "Understanding Marine Single
Sideband Radio" with the 157 freqs listed and installed by HF Radio. All installations were done by the
author, an untutored, unlettered, unlicensed and self taught technician using the trial and error

Gordon West Radio School
2414 College Drive
Costa Mesa, CA. 92626
714-549-5000 (Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
Fax 714-434-0666

Normally, the class consists of three sessions, a Friday evening class beginning about 6:00 P.M, all
day Saturday and Sunday.  Exams for the general license are in three parts, the technician, the "very
simple" morse code and the general. In this instance Gordon was the lecturer as well as the teacher
and entertainer. After paying the $250.00 fee for the general, the student receives by mail a package
containing a study manual, written and published by Gordon, as well as tapes for the code practice
and other material which contained some useful information such as helpful websites, an array of
useful frequencies and nets. Now, advice from the author, prepare!  In addition of the study material
from Gordon, the author purchased the general, technician and code CD from ARRL, the CD from
ARRL was deemed to be more helpful. The author would suggest that the student familiarize
himself/herself with the practice exams on the Internet, one example would be Others can be
found by using the search engine and typing "ham exams," several choices will appear for
the general as well as the technician. There are 35 questions on each exam taken randomly from a pool
of 350 questions, these are the actual questions and are on the practice tests as well as the actual
exams. Consistently passing the practice exams will insure that the class will be a "snap".
All this preparation is not really necessary, it just helps the class to be more pleasant or in essence, you
don't have to "sweat the exams."  However, there were two Guys sitting near the author that walked in
"cold" and after listening attentively to the lectures walked out Sunday afternoon with a general license,
they however, did not "ace" the exams.
KG6NKY  Standing by.
Seaward Products
3721 Capitol Avenue
Whittier, Calif.  90601-1732
Tel   562-699-7997
Fax  562-699-0908

This company provides the LPG stove and 6 gallon water heater for the author's boat, the author has
no problem with the stove however the water heater has a propensity to leak.  It should be noted that
Seaward has an advertisement in the latest issue of the ISLAND PACKET NEWSLETTER  touting
their customer support and "We will handle you call with the best customer service the industry has to
offer." This is contrary to the author's experience with this company, there was no response at all to
the author's request for help with a leaky water heater, request was simply ignored.  Fortunately, the
author was able to work out the problem without their help. Unfortunately, we are stuck with this
company since the unit fits in a very tight area and a replacement that will install in this area has not
been found.  
Marina Mazatlan
Telephone/Fax   011-52-69-16314
Local phone      16799

The last e-mail correspondence we had from the marina was that the new name is Desarrollo
Marina Mazatlan however, the website as listed above will link to the marina, we could find no
website or e-mail for the new name.
Contact should be on channel 16 and then you will be directed to channel 18 for slip assignment.
The marina has 197 slips from 25 to 120 feet in length with water, power, check in and out with
the authorities, fuel, laundry, telephone, haulout, pumpout, fax and dock boxes.  Rates change
from time to time, rate for the author's 35' boat was about $315.00, rates for slips without power
are somewhat less.
This marina is well managed and is highly recommended, cruisers are most welcomed. The marina
sponsors social activities for various USA holidays as well as cocktail parties and other social
activities from time to time. Forget El Cid Marina. However, for those that keep the dinghy
launched, there is a small but well stocked mercado near the office of El Cid Marina, a short
dinghy ride away.

Marina El Cid
Circuito Campeadora No. 1
Altos Fracc. El Cid
Mazatlan, Mx.
Telephone 13-33-33 ext. 411

As indicated in the start page, El Cid is for the most part a hotel and time share complex, the
marina is an adjunct and is operated accordingly.  In the search engine, page after
page describes the hotel but few if any give information on the marina.  However, there are some
nice photos depicting the marina and Marina Mazatlan in the background.
Cruisers as a group, tend to avoid this marina if possible, if Marina Mazatlan is full or closed, as in
the case a year or so ago, then it should be given some consideration. The author was not
particularly impressed with this marina, after about a three week trip home, the author returned to
find that his boat was rubbing and banging against another boat that had been squeezed into the
double slip by marina personnel, each time a power boat went by in the nearby channel there was
an impact and collision between the two boats. When the author returned the occupant of the other
boat complained that the author's boat was rubbing against his boat. Front office personnel tend to
regard slip tenants as a nuisance and as a matter of fact, when the author checked out of this
marina on January 6, 2002, he carefully arrived at the time of office opening but was informed by
the lady at the front desk to come back in about an hour since she had to do her nails.
The marina does have some redeeming features, there is a nice restaurant and bar, it is close
proximity to bus service to town, a laundry and well stocked mercado are nearby, fuel dock and
shower are nearby and the marina is well maintained and in good order with 24 hour security. So
therefor, if a cruiser can stomach the front office people, and do not mind rubbing elbows with
tourist, time share buyers and such nerds as well as  sky high prices, he can give the marina some
consideration. In regards to prices, the author was charged  $425.00 U.S. for his 35' boat plus $50
for electricity, even for the time he was absent from the marina with the power off.  Marina
personnel confided that when the marina received their electric bill, it was divided by the number
of slips and the answer was doubled thus being the electric bill.

Marina Cabo San Lucas
Lote a-18 De La Darcena
Cabo San Lucas,
BCS Mexico
Phone     011-52-114-31251
Fax        011-52-114-31253
Contact on CH 88a

This marina is part of the Almar Marinas chain, an American owned chain, for specific
information, the website as listed above has links to the Marina Cabo San Lucas site which is quite
informative. Both management and staff do an excellent job, the author has no problems with
either. The  problem that everyone has with this marina is the cost, but this is due to the lack of
competition, as the old adage states, "business is business."  Sooner or later there will be other
slips available for some relief. Viva Escalara Nautica.

Hotel Coral and Marina
Marina Office: 011 52 (646) 175 0050
Fax:                011 52 (646) 175 0058


Slip Size Rate Ft. Daily Weekly 15 Days Monthly
30' $ 1.00 $ 30.00 $ 178.50 $ 337.50 $ 540.00
35' $ 1.00 $ 35.00 $ 208.25 $ 393.75 $ 630.00
40' $ 1.00 $ 40.00 $ 238.00 $ 450.00 $ 720.00
45' $ 1.00 $ 45.00 $ 267.75 $ 506.25 $ 810.00
50' $ 1.00 $ 50.00 $ 297.50 $ 562.50 $ 900.00
55' $ 1.00 $ 55.00 $ 327.25 $ 618.75 $ 990.00
65' $ 1.00 $ 65.00 $ 386.75 $ 731.25 $ 1,170.00
end ties $ 1.00 by quotation by quotation  

* Plus 12% Sales Tax

All slips are subject to availability.
Rates are calculated on the length of slip or the length of the vessel, whichever is greater.
Rates include electricity (110-220), cable TV and use of the Hotel's amenities.
Advance payment for the length of the stay is required at the time reservations are confirmed.
No refunds for early departures.
Check out time is 1 p.m.
Launch ramp is $ 30.00 per day, $ 15.00 if guest of Hotel with minimum 2 nights stay.
Guests of Marina Tenants using the Hotel facilities are $ 20.00 per person per day.

Slip Size Rate Ft. Monthly 12% TAX Electricity-Phone Deposit Total Fee
Tax Included
(2 Months)
30' $ 8.75 262.50 $31.50  100.00 $688.00
35' $ 10.25 358.75 $43.05  100.00 $903.60
40' $ 10.25 410.00 $49.20  100.00 $1,018.40
45' $ 10.25 461.25 $55.35  100.00 $1,133.20
50' $ 10.25 512.50 $61.50  100.00 $1,248.00
55' $ 10.25 563.50 $67.62  100.00 $1,362.24
65' $ 10.25 666.25 $79.95  100.00 $1,592.40
end ties $ 13.00 by quotation --   --

Long term rates are based upon a minimum of four months paid in advance. Guests departing early
will be assessed the prevailing short-term rate based on the actual length of the stay, and the
deposit will not be refunded.
Monthly rates are calculated on the length of the slip or the length of the vessel, whichever is
Live aboard is $ 100.00 month for up to 2 people. Additional guests are $ 50.00 per person.
Electricity is $ 0.15 per kw.
Sport Fishing is available

Home of the renowned Ninety Day Yacht Club.  The author has very little knowledge of this
entity, something to do with the California franchise tax board and the legal avoidance of sales
taxes on recently purchased boats.
Regardless, and the "eye popping" slip rates as listed above not withstanding, this marina is well
managed, customer contact and service excellent, all presided over by the officious
Fito, manager.
He can be contacted as listed above.

Long Beach Shoreline Marina
450 E. Shoreline Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802. Slips: 2,000. Liveaboard slips: yes. Guest slips:
152. Length: 30-106 ft. Rates: call. Guest slip rates: $.60/ft./night. Waiting list. Restrooms,
electricity, dock carts, water, laundry, phones, launch ramp, ice, fuel dock, dock boxes, storage
lockers, showers, pumpout, groceries, security, parking, picnic area, snack bar, mail/message.
Office: Sun.-Thurs. 7:30- 5:30; Fri-sat. 7:30-6. VHF ch. 16. Phone: (562) 570-4950; fax:
(562)570-1799.   Website:
Slips in this marina are "indifferent" for th lack of a suitable description, they are all of wooden
construction, some are in very good condition while some appear to be ready to float out to sea.
The front office is reminiscent of the DMV some years back until the public became so outraged
the top management was changed and the situation was corrected.
Since tenants in this marina are not residents of the city of Long Beach for the most part, they
have little political pull with the Long Beach City Council, so the situation continues.
The above notwithstanding, the marina has some strong points, downtown Long Beach is a nice
area and in particular, Alamitos Bay located a few miles east. Further, the marina is slated to be
rebuilt which will make it even nicer despite a rent increase slated as well. All in all, you can do
worse if you can hold your nose long enough around the front office.  
For the "welcoming packet" go into the website as listed above and download in PDF format this
document, it is breathtaking.  It is all self explanatory however, the reader should take note the
$75.00 administrative fee which is non-refundable nor does it apply to the slip rent but only
applicable if there is a waiting list for your size boat.  There is a waiting list for 35' boats and above
the last time the author checked. There are some redeeming features other than listed above, slip
fees are more economical than other marinas in the area, $328.00 for the author's 35' boat with a 3
ft. overhang.

Cabrillo Marina
224 Whalers Walk, San Pedro, CA 90731. Slips: 885. Liveaboard and guest slips. Length: 25-80 ft.
Rates: $8.50-$12.40/ft. Guest slip rates: $15-$20 ft. Restrooms, electricity, dock carts, water,
laundry, phones, launch ramp, ice, fuel dock, dock boxes, storage lockers, showers, pumpout,
security, parking, picnic area, restaurant. Reciprocal privileges with other California Yacht
marinas. Pets OK. Office: 8-5. Dockmaster: Daryl Landrum. (310) 732-2252; fax: (310)
732-2260. VHF ch. 68.; www.cymcabrillo. com.

Progress has caught and passed this marina, they have considerably more 30' slips that they can
rent, very few 30' and below boats are being built. As a consequence, the marina has rows of
empty 30' slips so if a thoughtful sailor can convince management that his boat is 30' or less he
could obtain a slip.  Otherwise, he gets on the waiting list.

Cabrillo Way Marina
2800 Miner St., San Pedro, CA 90731. Slips: 530. Length: 20-50 ft. End ties: available. Rates:
$6.75-$7.75/ft. Restrooms, electricity, storage lockers, dock carts, picnic area, ice, water, phones,
showers, security, guest facilities, parking. Office: 9-5, seven days. Dockmaster: Valerie Gerkey, a
nice cleancut USC Girl. Phones (310) 514-4985; (310) 514-4987.

For the pass five to six years or so, this marina was supposed to be rebuilt, considering the slip
situation now in Southern California, they should very well get on with it. Since the marinas are
full or near full and interest rates are low, they could not wish for a better time to rebuild.  Further,
they are in a prime area with space for a lot of slips.
One cannot complain of the rates, the author for his 35' boat is being charged an "eye popping"
$245.00 but there are problems.  Maintenance is kept to a minimum due to the rebuilding plans,
there is not enough electricity to power the microwave or heater but the transistor radio can be
powered.  Otherwise $245.00 is a bargain if you are not a liveboard and you can hold your nose
long enough.
CruisePort Village Marina, Office In Background
This marina is relatively new, is well managed with tight 24 hour security to  the
point of a fault. The Author has seen security personnel give the office employees
the 3rd degree  as well as visitors. Regardless, the marina is highly recommended,
all of the amenities are available to include hot showers, water, electricity and no
surge and further, the marina is located in downtown Ensenada. Slip fee for the
Author's 35 ft. boat is $327.00 and change. For the fee schedule and reservations
refer to the phone listing, e-mail and website below.

                tel:   011-52(646) 173-4141
                fax  011-52(646) 173-4151
                U.S. 1-877-219-5822

This is a first class marina, slips are getting scarce so reservations should be
made early.
Windward To Home
Wayne Electric
1560 W Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA

Avoid repeat avoid.  Since this company advertises in the Marine Directory, the writer took what
was thought to be a defective alternator in for repairs. Thereafter he was informed by the employee
"Mark" that the alternator was repaired and operating normally, however when the alternator was
reinstalled in the boat it was not operating. Well, what was done was what should have been done
prior to taking the alternator in for repairs, the wiring harness was checked and some corrosion
was found and after removal, the alternator operated normally.

So, the writer was "had", he was charged $80.00 for a bench test by "Mark". All should be advised
that such employee stinks like rotten fish on the beach, stay away.  
Ullman Sails
6400 Marina Drive
Long Beach, CA 90803
Phone 562-598-9441

The writer has work done by this sail loft only on one occasion consisting of minor repairs and
found the work acceptable and the cost reasonable.
Powertron Battery Company
2218 W. Second Street
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Phone 714-543-4858
Fax  714-543-9211

A few years ago, the writer purchased two GPL 27 Lifeline Batteries from Powertron for a
cost of $340 plus tax.  The gossip around the marina is that these batteries are being sold by a
well known and large marine supplier for a cost of about $1000.00.
Boatswain's Locker
931 W. 18th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

For us Yanmar users, this company is a source of OEM engine parts unfortunately, these Japanese
parts are very expensive but they have them all.  We are still searching for a source of after market
parts, usually about half the price and will keep the site advised.  
Bahia Marine Hardware and Rigging
714 Marina Drive
Seal Beach, CA

The writer has had an occasion to use this company to swag the isolators to convert a backstay for
SSB use, work was done in a timely manner at an acceptable cost and workmanship.
Pac West Marine & Industrial
2390 Shelter Island Drive Suite 110
San Diego, California 92106
Phone 619-222-0475

Source of OEM Yanmar parts and some after market parts at a discount.
Redden Marine Supply
1411 Roeder Avenue
Bellingham, Washington   98225
Phone 800-426-9284   360-733-0250

The writer has purchased after market parts for Yanmar accessories at a discounted price, it is
unknown what they have for engine parts, OEM or otherwise.
Marina At San Jose Del Cabo