Sailing vessel CORINE approaching Los Frailes anchorage from the south. An outstanding anchorage for a first stop
from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz or Mazatlan. Mazatlan bears about 20 degrees and 160 miles to starboard across the
Sea of Cortez. The anchorage is somewhat out of the way for vessels enroute to Mazatlan but is worth the extra

Do not be deceived by the benign sea state as indicated above, this 45 mile passage from Cabo San Lucas can be a
nightmare and all conditions in between due to the northerly winds that blow down the Gulf of California during the fall
and winter months. The author while anchored in the outer harbor of CSL has observed multi-crewed sail and power
boats haul anchor at about 10:00 A.M. and call out gaily  " we are off to Frailes" over the VHF and about four hours later
are back due to the wind. Yet, other cruisers exclaim  "what, you had trouble getting to Frailes, why we sailed all the way
on a light offshore wind".  Its been the authors experience that these winds were not encountered generally until about
10 miles or so above the village of San Jose Del Cabo or about 15 miles or so from Frailes and I would suggest that if
this much progress is made that the foul weather gear be broken out, the sails shortened and get with it
Punta Los Frailes

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Early A.M. departure for the "crossing",
in this instance, Los Frailes-Mazatlan.