Self explanatory installation of Icom M710 SSB on the locker aft of the nav table using otherwise
unused space permitting an easy install that permits more space in  the instrument panel.  By
negotiation, the writer was able salvage the SSB from a trade in of a previous boat, for certain
well worth the effort.  Below, the observer will note the installation of the copper foil, dynaplate
and tuner. Further, the inverter install is as depicted behind the SSB.
Tuner installation on the rudder post housing in
the starboard cockpit locker.  The copper foil
leads around the housing and back through the
port locker to the SSB as indicated in the photos
Glassed foil leading from around the
housing across the port cockpit locker
and into the aft berth along the headliner
ledge to the SSB.
Same as above but showing the foils
soldered extension through the rudder
post housing to and attached to the
rudder post.
Same as above but showing the glassed
foil leading to the aft berth.  The foil leads
to the SSB and is installed on the ledge of
the liner indicated in the top right of the
photo. See Below.
Copper foil leading from the SSB
located to port of the photo and down
behind the instrument panel to the
dynaplate as indicated below.
Dynaplate installation in the locker below and
outboard of the nav station, note the
attachment of the foil as described above.  

This installation of the dynaplate is entirely
incorrect and was installed by the dealer while
the writer was out of town and without his
knowledge or consent. The plate should have
been installed in the starboard cockpit locker
which would have saved the installer (me) a
lot of headaches.

About 40 feet of copper foil was used for the
Glassed foil leading from the tuner to the rear of
the starboard locker.
Foil leading from the tuner and around the auto pilot
housing and to the rear of the starboard cockpit locker.