Photo shows north view from anchorage to the point in light rain. That night at about midnight, a squall blew
over the island and swirled around the point in the foreground and then back in towards the shoreline as
indicated, thus putting the author's boat on a lee shore. The wind was about 20 to 25 kts with heavy rain
making for a most uncomfortable position, the author leaped out of the sack, donned the complete set of foul
weather gear and after going topside and checking the anchor, sat again uncomfortably for about an hour
waiting for the squall to pass.
Coronado Del Sur is the first Mexican island, located about 18 miles south of San Diego and rather than
sailing the 63 miles or so to Ensenada, some crews will anchor here for a day or so after the hustle and
bustle of San Diego, rest and relax before proceeding.  The anchorage is an open roadstead but provides
good shelter for the prevailing northwest weather with good holding ground, sand bottom. If Ensenada is the
next stop, its an easy passage of 45 miles or so.