On review of Charlie's Charts, it will be noted that he lists a village up at the north end of Cedros with the
indication "Fishing vessels anchor here, some kelp". The village is depicted in the photo and the author in this
instance has never seen fishing vessels anchored here, a few pangas are moored here. The north end anchorage is
about one mile south.
Sea lion colony at the north end anchorage, it should be noted
that the photo was taken close to the beach and in the
approximate location of the anchorage.  As
Charlie indicates,
the bottom drops off sharply at a steep angle and therefore
anchorage must be taken close in at a depth of about 25 feet.  
The author has set the anchor several times at about thirty feet
with 5 to 1 scope and set with the engine and still was blown
out.  The squeamish may not want to anchor this close but, the
current coming down the island and the wind coming offshore
and down the canyon will hold the boat off.
Looking north to the north end anchorage.
Village Near The North End of Cedros