Baja Weather
Baja California Maritime Net:  This net meets every
day at 8:A.M. Pacific Standard Time on 7233.5.  
Weather is given at 8:30 A.M.
Sonrisa Net:  This is an informal net which meets daily
on 3.968 MHz at 0830 local time (time will change
with daylight savings time), with warm up session at
0815.  It's primary purpose is to pass traffic between
cruisers in Mexican waters. They will talk to anyone
legally licensed for the frequency and in an emergency
will talk to anyone. As a courtesy, local weather will
be passed to the net.
Amigo Net:  This net meets daily on ship to ship
channel 4-4 and after the first hour or so will some
times move over to 4-5 for a more or less informal
session. Frequency for 4-4 is 8.122, 4-5 is 8.119.  
As indicated, the frequencies are ship to ship so a ham
license is not needed, only the VHF license and boat
name. Time is 1400Z daylight and standard time
weather about 30 minutes after opening.  This is the
writer's favorite since other check ins are, for the
most part, cruisers.
Chabasco Net:  The Chabasco Net meets daily on
7.294 Mhz at 1430Z (note that the time is UTC and
will change with daylight savings time), with an early
bird session beginning at 1415Z to line up 2-ways and
relays and on site weather not reported on the Sonrisa
Net.  The primary purpose of this net is to pass
traffic to and from Maritime mobile stations in
Mexican waters.  However, they will handle traffic
from any station legally licensed to use phone on the
40 meter band.
SSB NETS WITH WEATHER INFORMATION  This site is the temporary home of
the Southbound Net which can b e found of 8.122
khz at 055 UTC.  The weather is given at 0100 UTC
usually by Don Anderson with the exception of
Sundays, his day off.  Afterwards, the net changes
to 4054 khz.  For those of us down south, 0100 UTC
is 6:00 pm MST.  The utility of this net is that the
weather can be obtained in the evening hours before
an early A.M. Departure.  As in most cases, the
sailor will need a wife or other at home with a
cellphone to relay the information as listed on this