The anchorage for San Quintin for the most part is very satisfactory with some few exceptions, swells from a southwest storm
and southerly winds. There is some protection for swells from a southwest storm but not very much, the swells can roll in at a
height of six to eight feet and more and in this case it would be best to proceed up the coast to Isla San Martin which provides
excellent protection for southerly weather. These statements are based on an actual experience, the author and another boat
spent a rock and roll night in the anchorage due to extreme fatigue after battling the storm all night and day. Several other boats
went up to Isla San Martin and spent a comfortable night. As a general rule however, the anchorage can provide outstanding rest
for a weary sailor. Kelp has grown around the anchorage area so some care should be taken in this regard.
The general region is quite interesting, the inner bay is too shallow for most boats as outlined by Charlie, the author has
observed small fishing boats, the 18' with an outboard variety, enter the bay and promptly collide with rocks. The town of San
Quintin is one of the newer towns(100 years) strung along highway 1 and has a population of about 30,000. During the early
19th century a colonization was attempted by British and American companies however the crops failed and the franchise was
revoked. There was a flour mill and a railroad that extended about 20 miles and was intended to go to San Diego according to
the locals. Many lives and fortunes were lost at this attempt at colonization. The only remains today are the iron rails and a few
graves. There is also an old steam engine that was probably brought in as part of the plan probably to power the mill or the
railroad. In front of the old mill is a dam that was built across the bay, no one seems to know why it was built in front of the mill.
Near the mill are located two hotels, both have restaurants and both are expensive.  It is unfortunate that the bay is too shallow
for navigation, a weary north bound sailor would welcome the opportunity to anchor in front of the restaurant as described below
for a few days.
Bahia San Quintin
Remnants of the old flour mill.  
The mill building has been
converted to a restaurant and
bar replete with happy hour
beginning at 5:00 P.M.
Dam and tidal race in front of
the old flour mill.  Probably the
tide was used to power the
mill, evidence of a steam engine
was not found.
Walkway in front of the restaurant, leads
to the mill and motel.
The restaurant and bar.
Looking to the exit of the bay showing
the docks as well.
Sailing vessel anchored off the beach in
front of the restaurant, appeared to be a
derelict and there were several anchored
as such.