Asuncion is an outstanding anchorage and has always been so for the author. Charlie provides an
excellent diagram of the anchorage and upon review you will note two suggested anchorages, the best one
is the anchorage off of the village, it is more sheltered than the one off of Isla Asuncion which is covered
with white bird droppings and further, it smells!

The boat in the foreground is a Beneteau 44 being delivered to San Diego from Puerto Vallarta by an
American delivery crew stationed in Puerto Vallarta. Later on up the Coast this boat disappeared into the
maw of a pacific frontal system while the author cowered in the anchorage at San Quintin.

The next anchorage northbound at a distance of approximately 50 miles will be Turtle Bay and the passage
could very well be most difficult.  Of the seven trips the author has negotiated up this coast, only at one time
the writer was able to motor sail on a flat calm sea to Turtle Bay, the most were a bash to windward and
one was sailed by a long tack outbound with another long tack inbound to arrive in Turtle Bay at about
11:00 P.M. The writer has determined that the best way to negotiate this passage is to leap out of the sack
at about 2:00 A.M. haul anchor at least by 3:00 A.M. and get underway.  At this time of the morning there
most likely will be a light offshore breeze however, after Isla San Rogue the wind most likely will veer
around on the nose at about anywhere from eight to twelve knots so its probably best to leave the sails
secured and power through the breeze if any to the foot of and into San Cristobal Bay.  Thereafter, even in
the early morning after sunrise, the wind can pipe up on the nose at 20 knots or so and maybe more.  
Rather than bash into these square swells and wind, the author has found it best to motor sail hard onto
the wind to the lee of the high cliffs located on the north side of the bay and using the cliffs as shelter, motor
sail out past Hermoso Head into Thurloe Bay, shut down the engine and then tack in to Turtle Bay.  This
routine will enable a boat to arrive way before dark and for certain beats 11:00 P.M.
                 BAHIA  ASUNCION
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